Into the Night-Time Economy: Work, Leisure, Urbanity and the Creative Industries (2007)

Tara Brabazon , Stephen Mallinder
Creative Business & Entrepreneurship | 30 January 2010


The goal of this paper is to investigate the shape and challenges of urban and economic development. We continue the analysis of Paul Chatterton and Robert Hollands in Urban Nightscapes, to reveal the contradictions between the production, regulation and consumption of nightlife. Their research discussed nocturnal urban history as, “a story of corporate power, greed, domination and marginalization, not to mention hedonism / pleasure, dissatisfaction and resistance across city streets at night.” Noting their study with intellectual respect, we continue their ‘story’ to probe the role of nocturnal practices, behaviours and attitudes in an attempt to understand and map the margins of work, leisure and urbanity after dark.

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