Historical African art - Senufo female form, (undated).

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Emily Hall Tremaine / Collection
15 March 2019 | Updated 6 October 2019

Senufo female form, (undated).
39 1/4 x 5 1/4 in.
Acquired 1963

The current location of the Senufo female form is unknown. Click to see a photo of the design (Emily Hall Tremaine biography, second photo page after p. 120, direct to pdf).

To learn more about the Senufo female form, click the link(s) to articles and exhibition compilations with documentation below.

Photos by Louise Lawler showing the Senufo female form:

> Louise Lawler. Page, (1984).

> Louise Lawler. Circle, mantle, diamond, (1984 / 1999).

> Louise Lawler. Diamonds, (1984 / 1989).

Louise Lawler. The Tremaine pictures. List of photoworks (2007)

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ADC staff - 15 Mar 19

Louise Lawler. The Tremaine pictures. List of photoworks (2007) The photoworks include views of several iconic artworks. The descriptions below highlight which works they are, with links to information sources. Louise Lawler’s The Tremaine pictures show at BFAS Blondeau Fine Art Services,...