RPP Visual. Textual. Visual

Photo of sculpture Ira jr. (2008) by Silvia B. Copyright the artist.
silvia b. art

RPProjects worked on a communications initiative, Visual. Textual. Visual which aimed to enhance the visual experience for viewers, both specialists and non-specialists. Texts were designed to enable a quick understanding of a specific artwork on view via a short Q&A with the artist.

The text was placed near the artwork on a nearby plinth or stand, and viewers discovered a colorful photographic reproduction of the work with accompanying text. The goal was to activate a back-and-forth Visual. Textual. Visual experience— directly between the artwork on view and the printed text. Another goal was to quickly raise the viewer’s awareness of the artistic decisions concerning the work on view.

Ron Mandos RPProjects

Photo of VTV with Silvia B’s Ira jr at Ron Mandos galerie. The sculpture was spotlighted in the background.

This initiative was partnered with a participating artist, art space, and art magazine, which took the image and text and shared this with international readers via print media. The text was then also added here, for readers via the Internet.

Ron Mandos galerie, Amsterdam
Participating magazine: Sculpture
Exhibition: Le Plus Beaux (Fall 2009)
Artist: Silvia B.
Spotlight on: Ira jr. (Click to see the internet version of the text).

Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art, Brussels
Participating magazine: Sculpture
Exhibition: Yo Mo’ Modernism (Part I),
during the Brussels Biennial (Fall 2008)
Spotlight: Fergus Martin’s Pipe Dreams Two. (Click to see the internet version of the text).