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17 April 2019
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Rethinking Painting toward architecture (1947-52) (2017)

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R. J. Preece - 01 Jul 17

Rethinking Painting toward architecture (1947-52) (2017) Painting toward architecture exhibition as installed at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston (January-February 1950). Courtesy the Karl Kamrath Collection, University of Texas at Austin architectural archives. (See FN "Photo A" for...

The Painting toward architecture exhibition (1947-52), Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art: Documentation and historical information

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ADC staff - 16 Jul 16

...Museum of Art, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, (23 April - 14 May 1950). [1] > Speaker: Prof. Jean Paul Slusser, 14 May 1950. (See mention in 13 May 1950 article listed below.) Documentation (1950). Various documentation.*^ (Viewed 9 January 2018. AAA00424. Also: A01046; AAA00363;...