EFL / ESL art & architecture study opportunities at Temple University (1995)

R.J. Preece (EFL)
English for Art & Design | 17 November 2011
This text is an excerpt from a guide previously published as a resource document for Temple University ESL / ESL students studying at the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) with the title "IELP guide for visual arts students" in 1995. Click to see the English for Art and Design overview page.

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The following is a course offering, and related activities, for ESL / EFL art & architecture at Temple University’s Intensive English Language Program (IELP) that was organized by R. J. Preece and supported by M. Tisa in 1995.

V. Visual arts study opportunities for IELP students [at Temple University]

The following opportunities may be available for you while you are at IELP. However, making special arrangements takes time. You must contact us as soon as possible and tell us your interest. If you wait, it will be more difficult to take advantage of these special arrangements.

These study opportunities, made through Continuing Education programs, mean that you are taking courses at the school. It does not mean that you are a student in a degree program. In order to enroll in a degree program, you must apply for admission into a degree program.

PLEASE NOTE: You are now a representative of Temple’s IELP Program. As many of these study opportunities are new to IELP visual arts students, and teaching IELP students will be new to these schools, you are their first impression. Getting to class on time, completing homework assignments on time, and working hard are very important to help insure further access for future IELP students.

A. IELP’s course in the Language of Art and Design

This content elective, available to students in Levels 5 and 6 (advanced), offers an introduction to the language of art and design needed for art history and studio classes. The course focuses on expressing ideas through speaking and writing, and can act as a precourse to Art History 51: Visual Experience, which would fulfill a distribution requirement, at Temple University. The course includes 2-3 field trips to see art and architecture in downtown Philadelphia. No previous art or design knowledge is required.

For more information, contact the IELP Visual Arts Students Advisor or Ms. Tisa.

B. IELP’s drawing course

This content elective, available to students in Levels 5 and 6 (advanced), offers an opportunity to learn how to draw or to practice your drawing skills. For ESL, students will practice the language used in the drawing classroom. No previous drawing experience is required.

For more information, contact the IELP Visual Arts Students Advisor or Ms. Tisa.

C. Portfolio preparation

Tyler and the Architecture Program offer a portfolio workshop during the summer for junior and senior high school students. If you are a LEVEL 5 or 6 STUDENT (ADVANCED) and don’t have a portfolio, this is an excellent opportunity to make one with the assistance of the Tyler and Architecture staff.

At Tyler, in 1995, the cost was $325 for the 5 hour a day two week workshop. To get more information or register for this workshop, contact the IELP Visual Arts Student Advisor or Ms. Tisa for assistance, or contact the Associate Dean’s office directly at (215) 782-2718. Space is limited, so plan ahead.

For more information about the Architecture Program workshop, contact Mr. John Pron at (215) 204-4301, room 811 in the architecture building.

D. Other study opportunities at Tyler

It may be possible to take Tyler classes as a non-matriculating student (not accepted into a degree program). In order to find out if this is possible, contact the department head who is in charge of the course that you want to take. The department head will determine if your level of English is okay to take the class, not your TOEFL score. If you are interested, ask the IELP Visual Arts Student Advisor for the list of department heads at Tyler.

NOTE: Available classes do not include foundation level classes. Space is extremely limited.

Also, Tyler offers a wide variety of low-cost, non-credit workshops on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the fall and spring semesters and during the summer at different times. If you are a LEVEL 5 or 6 STUDENT (ADVANCED), this is an excellent opportunity to study at Tyler.

For more information, contact Ms. Danielle Kerner for Weekend Workshops at (215) 782-2760; for summer workshops, contact the Associate Dean’s office at (215) 782-2715. Space is limited, so plan ahead.

E. Arts courses for credit at Temple

The following courses are available to LEVEL 5 and 6 STUDENTS (ADVANCED) with special permission by Ms. Tisa: Introduction to Visual Language, Design; Introduction to Visual Language, Drawing; and Introduction to Visual Language, Painting. Other courses may also be available. For more information, contact the IELP Visual Arts Student Advisor or Ms. Tisa.

F. Observing classes

Are you interested in seeing how students and professors interact in the American classroom? Do you want to see students drawing from a nude model as opposed to a plaster statue, or do you want to see a freshman architecture studio class? Do you want to see how much of the class you understand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then observing a class is probably a good idea. Sometimes, IELP students can observe visual arts classes. For more information about observing the architecture studio class, contact Professor Kate Wingert at (215) 204-7903, room 915 in the architecture building. For studio art classes, contact the IELP Visual Art Student Advisor or Ms. Tisa for more information.

Also, IELP students can attend the Visiting Lecture Series put on by the Architecture Program. Contact the Main Office of the Architecture Program for more information.

G. Other opportunities

Fleisher Art Memorial
719 Catherine Street
(215) 922-5557
Cost: Fall and Spring: FREE; Summer: small fee approximately $100
Credit: Non-credit
When: All year
Contact: Contact Nancy Wright at (215) 922-3456, ext. *12
Courses: A wide variety

This is the only art school in the country that offers free art classes.

Here, greater responsibility is placed upon the student. You can set your own objectives and work at your own pace. Assistance can be provided for building a portfolio.

In addition, the following schools offer courses in the visual arts: Community College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, and the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

H. Private tutoring

In the past, we have been able to arrange for visual arts tutoring. Contact the IELP Visual Arts Advisor or Ms. Tisa if you are interested.

Because tutoring can become quite expensive, it is probably best for portfolio development.

I. Transferring courses

The credit courses can be transferred to the school that you eventually attend, depending on the school’s transfer requirements. Meanwhile, non-credit classes cannot be transferred.

However, by taking either credit or non-credit classes, you will become more prepared for your future classes by preparing for the English demands of the studio classroom. Also, you will show the school that you are applying to that you are a serious student.

To read the foreword and table of contents of this guide, click ESL / EFL visual arts student guide - IELP (1995). To read this guide in full, click here.