English for Art and Design: Listening transcript (1996/2012)

R.J. Preece (EFL)
| Published 10 July 2012
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The following are the transcripts for listening exercises in the English for Art and Design area at artdesigncafe.com.

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1. This is another painting by Paul Cezanne at the Art Institute of Chicago. The title is The Basket of Apples and was painted around 1895. It’s a small work— only 25 3/4" x 32".

2. In 1976, George Segal made a sculpture with a lot of different materials. It is a very large work. The size is 8 feet 8 inches by 6 ft. by 6 ft. The title is Walk, Don’t Walk, and the sculpture is located at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

3. Here are two pictures by Roy Lichtenstein. The picture on the left is 26 in. by 11 in., while the picture on the right is 2’ 6" by 1’.

4. The titles of these two works are David. The work on the left is 8 feet tall, while the work on the right is 46 inches tall.