English for Art and Design: Surrealistic Theme Park Ride Project (1996/2012)

Surrealistic Theme Park Ride Project

Inspired by Laurie Anderson’s Tightrope (above).

Imagine that your life has been rearranged into a theme park in a dream-like way. Create a dream-like ride that reflects one of your strong emotions. Draw a quick sketch.

After developing your ride, present it to other people in your class. Remember to (1) identify your emotion, (2) give a description of your design, and (3) explain the process of the rider and the ride.

Example: In my theme park, there is a merry-go-round. The merry-go-round expresses my anger... Sometimes, I get angry, but I won’t tell you immediately.

So, riders get on my merry-go-round. It looks and sounds very ordinary: smiling, painted horses and merry-go-round music from your childhood. First, the people climb on the horses. They wait patiently for the ride to start.

However, when the ride begins...