ESL collaborative "day trip" materials: How not to reinvent the wheel (1995) (presentation)

Patti Freeland , Terri Griest , Felicia Lincoln-Porter , R.J. Preece (EFL)
English for Art & Design | 12 November 2011
The following text was previously published in the conference booklet for the 15th annual Penn-TESOL East fall conference held at the University of Pennsylvania on 11 November 1995 with the title "Collaborative ’day-trip’ materials: How not to reinvent the wheel". Click to see the English for Art and Design overview page.

The following is a text introduction in the conference booklet for the presentation at the 15th Annual Penn-TESOL fall conference on 11 November 1995.

Four ESL professionals collaborated to produce educational "day-tip" packets to introduce international students in their respective intensive programs to the Philadelphia area. The four sites were chosen as representative of the region’s cultural heritage. Each presenter has extensive experience leading such tours and drew upon this expertise to produce packets containing teacher’s materials, resources and activities to be used before, during and after visits. These materials were then made availible to colleagues. In this interactive presentation, the presenters will discuss ways to access information and contacts, ways of using materials, and trends in collaborating that informed the project.

Patti Freeland is an instructor at the IELP at Temple University. She did her graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Terri Griest did her graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. She developed materials and curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania and now teaches at Drexel University.

Felicia Lincoln-Porter is coordinator of the Evening and Community Program at the English Language Programs of the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Linguistics at Penn.

R.J. Preece is working on a degree in education in Hong Kong. He has developed materials in the US and abroad. [See Philadelphia Museum of art ESL Activity (1995) and EFL / ESL art, design, architecture study tours (1996/97) for his take on the tours.]

Click to see a PENN-TESOL East presentation with a similar content theme presented earlier in the year, entitled "Creating a Culturally Rich Study Abroad Environment for ESL Learners".