Artwriting workshop:
RPP Just get Published! (2008-09)

To encourage students investing in a fine art-oriented education to get on with it and Just get published(!), RPProjects organized an initiative to work in partnership with art/design magazines and art-related programs with advanced-level BA and MA students.

In the project, R.J. Preece located lecturers that are interested in the art writing workshop. The lecturer then identified a number of students that were interested in the project. Art exhibitions were then selected for review by the lecturer, Preece, and the magazine’s editors.

Participating students then got to work: gathering information, analyzing sample reviews, writing drafts, fact checking, and re-writing drafts at the direction of the lecturer—with the practical goal of getting the review published in the magazine.

A winning review was then selected for publication. Honorable mentions were also chosen.

Why the project? For Preece, "It’s set up to walk students through the ins and outs of getting a review to publication level— and to demystify the process. In this way, the project aims to encourage more people to contribute to discussions about art in print."

Participants of RPP Just get published!