English for Art and Design: Art / Design Studio Project Questions (1996/2012)

R.J. Preece (EFL)
English for Art & Design | 28 June 2012
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Art/Design Studio Project Questions

Practice answering these questions— speaking, notetaking, and writing.

A. Project Information

1. What was the project? List the five most important things.
2. Are there restrictions? Example: We must use acrylic paints.
3. What things could you experiment with?
4. Does your audience know about the project? If so, what information will be new information for them? (For presentations, perhaps summarize old information quickly and then focus on the new information.)

B. Concept

1. What is your concept?
2. How does your work express your concept? Give three brief examples.
3. What were you thinking about when you were creating your concept?

C. Subject Matter

1. How does your subject matter relate to your concept?
2. What different subject matter did you consider?
3. Why is your choice of subject matter the best choice?

D. Elements and Principles

1. What elements and principles are important in the work?
2. How do your use of elements and principles support your concept for the work?
3. What visual elements and principles did you experiment with?

E. Materials

1. What materials did you use? Why?
2. How does your selection of materials support your idea for the work?
3. Did you approach materials in a new way?
4. What materials did you experiment with?

F. Techniques

1. What techniques did you use?
2. How does your technique support your idea for the work?
3. Did you experiment with different techniques? What did you learn?

F. Contexts

1. Are politics, economics, gender issues, etc. important to this work? If so, how?
2. Does this work relate to work by other artists? If so, in what way?
3. Did pop culture influence this work? How?
4. How does this work relate to other work by the artist / designer? Does it show a continued interest in something, or a new direction?

H. The Visual Artist

1. How does the work express the artist’s / designer’s unique view?
2. Did other visual artist’s work influence this work? If so, how is this work different?

I. Conclusions

1. What did you learn from the project? Difficulties? Discoveries? Write five things.
2. Is there anything that you would like to change?