English for Art and Design: Art Lodging comprehension questions (1997/2012)

R.J. Preece (EFL)
English for Art & Design | 28 June 2012
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Read Künstlerheim Luise and Schloss Bröllin (1997).

Exercise 1: Comprehension Questions

1. Describe the Künstlerheim Luise.
2. How much is Künstlerheim Luise per night? Where could someone stay where you are for this price?
3. What do you think the rooms look like?
4. Do you think you would stay there? Why? Why not?
5. Describe Schloss Bröllin.
6. What is R.A.M.M.?
7. What do you think the writer means by "reminiscent of The Last Supper?
8. Suggest some places to visit for art travellers in your area. What do you think is interesting to see? Why?

Exercise 2: Künstlerheim Luise Interior Design Project

Click Künstlerheim Luise Interior Design Project and scroll down to the appendix.