English for Art and Design: Yoshiko Shimada at John Batten Gallery press release (1997/2012)

R.J. Preece (EFL)
English for Art & Design | 28 June 2012
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Pre-reading Discussion Questions

The following questions are geared to an Asian audience.

1. What were some of Asia’s experiences during World War II?
2. Do you think that the status of women has changed in Asia over the past fifty years? Explain.
3. What kinds of political art and posters do you know?
4. What are "comfort women"?


Read the following press release about the exhibition Female Positions : Yoshiko Shimada at John Batten Gallery in Hong Kong (1997). Print out a copy and circle unfamiliar words and phrases.

Exercise 1: Comprehension Questions

1. Who are Yoshiko Shimada and John Batten?
2. What subjects does Shimada approach?
3. Where has her work been shown?
4. What are some of the publications that have mentioned her work?
5. What work will be shown in Hong Kong?
6. In the fourth paragraph, what does "natives" mean?
7. Will she be speaking in Hong Kong? Where?

Exercise 2: Discussion Questions

1. What are some of the important visual aspects of Shooting lessons #11 ?
2. How does her work make you feel?
3. Do you think Shimada’s artwork is important to women and men in Hong Kong?