Spencer Tunick art + Greenpeace = Publicity Extraordinaire (2007)

Greenpeace meets nude installation photographer Spencer Tunick.
A glimpse at the publicity outputs three years on. And the result? Is Tunick the new leader of art + publicity?

D.M. Gray , R.J. Preece (ADP) , K. de Zeeuw
Art Design Publicity at ADC
Published 30 May 2010. (Last updated 13 July 2010.)
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Video on Greenpeace Switzerland’s YouTube page. They write, “Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland — An emergency provokes extreme responses: human beings in danger will abandon social niceties, etiquette, and the norms of acceptable behaviour to raise an alarm any way they can when lives are in danger. Today, six hundred people shed their clothes on a glacier in the Swiss Alps to bodily cry out for help against a planetary emergency: global warming.”

Spencer Tunick art + Greenpeace = Publicity Extraordinaire

Psst... key messaging:

  • 600 strip naked
  • Swiss glacier
  • Spencer Tunick (celebrity photographer)
  • Greenpeace (celebrity organization)
  • global warming
  • global warning

    And the publicity? Below is a highlight:

    (03 November 2008). AME Announces 2008 Award Winners, Grand Trophies Go to Euro RSCG Zurich and ZenithOptimedia New York. Market wire. (Mention).

    Excerpt: “Euro RSCG Zurich, Switzerland received the coveted AME Grand Trophy for Public Service and Not-For-Profit, for their campaign for Greenpeace Switzerland, "Naked Testimony to Global Warming," photographed by U.S. installation artist Spencer Tunick. The award winning campaign was centered around a publicity-based [our underlining] event featuring 600 people posing naked on the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland. The event generated worldwide publicity to raise global warming awareness through art, an on-line presence and a public relations campaign.”

    Click below to see our eye-popping publicity output compilation featuring Spencer Tunick + Greenpeace + glacier—set to songs and a surprise film clip.