Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok (1992)

Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery

visual dhamma gallery
Front cover of brochure accompanying exhibition Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery (23 May - 30 June 1992).

The following Internet pages linked below show the text and images of the artist pages in the brochure accompany the exhibition Melancholic Trance organized by Alfred Pawlin at Visual Dhamma Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand in 1992. Below is the introduction in the brochure written by Alfred Pawlin.

The rapture of now

Art has been described as the tradition of the new. But what about the glories of the past? Can they be lost in the moment of trance forever? The teacher is not always right, and so a new space is opened for the young generation to experiment, question and fulfill what has been left out or left undone by artists who came before. If “Thai” means “free”, this is an event which deserves to be called “Thai”. But will it be understood? It does not matter as the trance is so wonderful to the one who experiences it; [those] opinions, interpretations and standards of value and market are of less importance. And this trance or rapture, induced by unknown inspirations, by awareness through careful analyses or by whatever means, is always at the core of art: being in the center of Now, understanding the various expressions of the past and aiming at the audience of the yet unmanifested future.

Installation, mixed media, fluxus, beyond the frame, virtual reality, video art, performance, sound sculpture, all these forms of expression do not belong to some esoteric [avant-garde] circles. They have become the mainstream and probably the most essential contributions to art in the second half of the 20th century. I am extremely happy that this group of young artists has understood [this]. The future belongs to them. I hope they might help you too to awaken to the trance of living in the present.

Bright moments,

Bangkok, May 1992