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If your taste extends to eye-popping controversy, we invite you to take a look at our latest deep research (2019+). It concerns 1930s California, early celebrity culture, Nazis vs. anti-Nazis there, massive publicity, and a strong-minded woman who battles through it all and later ends up a major figure in the art and design world internationally.

Emily Spreckels files for divorce

The depiction of Warhol's Marilyn diptych as autobiographical for Emily Hall Tremaine

> See the shocking back story of the UK's voted #1 original artwork. (Scroll down to the article). It focuses on the mysterious 1930s history of Tremaine, who later in 1962 advised Warhol to put the two panels of the now-famous work together, showing celebrity rise and fall. He painted. But very little known, she actually lived it. She survived it.

Or did she?

And for Brits, the biggest accusation against her concerns... Queen Victoria's grandson, who was sent... to Germany... yes. Shhh...