Spencer Tunick art + Greenpeace = Publicity extraordinaire

D.M. Gray , R.J. Preece (ADP) , K. de Zeeuw
Art Design Publicity at ADC | Publ. 30 May 2010 (Last updated 13 July 2010.)
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Spencer Tunick art + Greenpeace

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Samples from 2010 showing "mention" referencing paths


spencer tunick
(05 January 2010). Artnet news: Spencer Tunick speaks out for Greenpeace activist. Artnet.com. (Mention).

Ian Cuthbertson. (07 January 2010). You’re the medium, grin and bare it.The Australian online. (Mention, photo). (Plus hard copy versions for "All-round country edition" and "Queensland country edition".)

Nick O’Malley and Leesha McKenny. (28 January 2010). Stay in touch with... Spencer Tunick. Sydney Morning Herald, p. 20. (Mention).

(29 January 2010). ช่างภาพนู้ดชื่อดังเตรียมถ่ายรูปเปลือยหมู่ 2 พันคน หน้า "โอเปร่า เฮ้าส์" ออสเตรเลีย. Artgazine (Bangkok, Thailand). (Photos).

(05 February 2010). Going naked for Spencer Tunick. The Sydney Morning Herald. (Photo and Mention).

Clare Morgan. (06 February 2010). Will you drop your daks for Spencer Tunick? The Sydney Morning Herald. (Mention).

Spencer Tunick. (06 February 2010). ’It’s mostly everyday people who pose for me, not exhibitionists’; The hot seat. Sydney Morning Herald, p. 4. (Mention).

(19 February 2010). Tunick invites Lady Gaga to nude shoot. CBC News - Arts. (Mention).

sf/afp/frua. (01 March 2010). Tunick lässt Nackte vor Sydneys Oper posieren. Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV). (Includes TV news report about glacier event).

TT/Kulturnyheterna. (01 March 2010). Tusentals personer skapade konst - nakna. SVT (Sweden). (Mention).

(01 March 2010). Ponad 5 tysięcy golasów pozowało do zdjęcia. RMF 24 FM. (Kraków, Poland) (Mention).

Gabriela Walde. (02 March 2010). 5000 nackte vor der Oper. Berliner Morgenpost (Germany), p. 60. (Mention).

Matthew Westwood. (02 March 2010). Opera House early birds flash with success. The Australian (All-round Country Edition and All-round First Edition), p. 7. (Mention).

(02 March 2010). 5000 personnes posent nues en Australie ! Le Soir magazine (Belgium). (Mention).

(02 March 2010). Fotografie: In Australien machten 5200 Menschen bei einer außergewöhnlichen Kunstaktion mit; Nackter Wahnsinn vor Sydneys Oper. Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany), p. 7. (Mention).

(02 March 2010). Nackter Wahnsinn vor Sydneys Oper. Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany). (Mention).

(02 March 2010). [No title specified]. Canberra Times (Australia), p. 2. (Mention).

(02 March 2010). Tunick’s naked ambition hits Sydney. Sideways News (The Netherlands). (Mention).

Jonathan Jones. (03 March 2010). Spencer Tunick: The shock of the nude. Guardian (UK), (Hard copy, p. 11). (Mention).

Stéphane Rose. (15 March 2010). Tous nus... pour la bonne cause. Le Figaro (France). (Photo and mention).

(15 March 2010). Prendre la pose pour la bonne cause ... La Tribune de Genève (Switzerland). (Mention).

(16 March 2010). Going naked for Spencer Tunick. The Sydney Morning Herald. (Photos in compilation).

(19 March 2010). Photographer Spencer Tunick specialises in capturing images of large groups of naked volunteers. atlaspost.com (Taipei, Taiwan). (Very high-traffic website). (Mention and photos).

David Kaufman. (20 March 2010). Naked ambition. Monocle (London). (Mention).

(29 March 2010). Fotografías en frío, Spencer Tunick en glaciar. Terra (México). (20 photos).

David DeFranza (02 April 2010). Naked protesters do more with less. Planet Green (high-traffic blog). (Mention).

Andy Coleman. (04 April 2010). The big thrill; Midland festival-goers urged to strip off for posterity! Sunday Mercury, p. 26. (Mention).

Mimi Spencer. (10 April 2010). Why we’d rather go naked. The Times (London), p. 30-4. (Mention).

(18 April 2010). Туник искупал сотни голых людей в шампанском (видео). OtherSide.com.ua (Ukraine). (Mention).

(30 April 2010). Who needs shirts? Let’s strip off for peace. The Nation (XP section) (Bangkok, Thailand), p. 2B. (Mention).

R.J. Preece, D.M. Gray & K. de Zeeuw. (April-June 2010). Spencer Tunick art + Greenpeace = Publicity Extraordinaire (2007). Art Design Publicity.

Jessica Lack. (01 May 2010). The Guardian guide to festivals 2010: Nude rave! The Guardian (UK), p. 16. (Mention).

Mary Bowers. (03 May 2010). Salford hosts mass weekend striptease in honour of L.S.Lowry. The (Sunday) Times (UK). (Mention).

Sylvie Nicolet. (05 May 2010). Spencer Tunick, l’humanudiste. Lovery Studio Magazine (France). (Mention).

(18 May 2010). Chilly coal protest leaves hazy impact. icepeople.net [Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (81 degrees north latitude)]. (Mention).

Ed Caesar. (23 May 2010). The bare necessities [Book review of A Brief History of Nakedness by Philip Carr-Gomm]. The (Sunday) Times (UK). (Mention).

Mary Bowers. (04 June 2010). Spencer Tunick: the naked truth. Times online (UK). (Mention).

Gracie Murano. (07 June 2010). 10 Bizarre Naked Protests. Oddee (Featuring odd, strange and bizarre things in our world). (Mention).

(10 June 2010). Nus en public pour la bonne cause. France Culture (Paris). (Mention).

Other coverage, undated:

(Undated). Spencer Tunick. Wikipedia. (Mention).

(Undated). Vidéos : Spencer Tunick. Actuphoto (actualité photographique) website. (Paris, France). (Mention, photos, and videos).


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