Alvar Aalto Symposium in Jyväskylä, Finland (2006)

Alvar Aalto Symposium

Jyväskylä, Finland
28 - 30 July 2006

Press release text by Alvar Aalto Academy

The tenth international Alvar Aalto Symposium will take place in Jyväskylä 28-30 July, 2006.

With the theme LESS AND MORE - Extending the Rational in Architecture, the event will be based on Alvar Aalto’s vision of the future of rational architecture, requiring the expansion of the very concept of rationality.

International Alvar Aalto Symposiums have been arranged in Jyväskylä approximately every three years since 1979. In Finland, the Symposium has been the most significant event in architecture since the beginning, and during the last few years, it has become an internationally established and acclaimed discussion forum for architecture.

The 2006 event will feature nine commended and awarded architects, who will illustrate and interpret the theme through their own production:

Florian Beigel (Architecture Research Unit, UK), Sean Godsell (Australia), Dorte Mandrup (Denmark), Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano (Nieto Sobejano Architects, Portugal), Martin Rein-Cano (Topotek 1 Landscape Architects, Germany), Brigitte Shim (Shim+Sutcliffe Architects, Canada) and Eduardo Souto de Moura (Portugal). Samuli Miettinen (JKMM Architects) will represent successful contemporary Finnish architecture; his latest completed project is the Viikki wooden church in Helsinki. In addition to architects, the lineup of lecturers includes Gavin Bryars, the British composer, whose music has intrinsic spatial dimensions.

The Symposium will be accompanied by an architectural exhibition in Alvar Aalto Museum, Jyväskylä, showcasing the production of the key speakers.

As before, the Symposium will be arranged by Alvar Aalto Academy, Alvar Aalto Museum and the City of Jyväskylä. The symposium board is chaired by the architect Juha Ilonen.