Olympics 2012: Water Polo Arena, London

London 2012 Water Polo Arena construction complete

Press release text by London 2012

02 April 2012


The construction of one of the final London 2012 venues on the Olympic Park – the 5,000 capacity Water Polo Arena - is now complete, one month before hosting its test event.

The temporary venue was built in just 13 months by firms from across the UK (see notes to editors). These include an east London construction company previously based on the Olympic Park site and specialising in building stages and support structures for major events, including the 2010 Ryder Cup.

The Arena is easily distinguishable by its silver-coloured wrap and an inflatable roof, made from recyclable plastic (download images and b-roll footage). It holds almost three million litres of water in the warm-up and competition pools.

The wedge-shaped structure will stage the men’s and women’s Water Polo competition during the Olympic Games. Afterwards, the venue will be taken down, with elements reused elsewhere in the UK, including incorporating materials available through the rental market to promote reuse and reduce construction waste.

The venue is based at the main eastern entrance to the Olympic Park next to the Aquatics Centre, in one of the most compact areas of the 500-acre site. To make the best use of available space, the two buildings share a number of back of house facilities.

Spectators will be able to access the internal concourse level with step-free access via a series of accessible ramps.

The London Organising Committee (LOCOG) will now begin work fitting the venue out ready to host a test event in May and the Games themselves. [...]

The London 2012 test event is part of the London Prepares series. The tournament will feature two matches per day with competing women’s teams from Great Britain, Australia, USA and Hungary. This top-level line up will give spectators a taste of what to expect at London 2012.


Water Polo Arena fact-file:

> The sloping roof is made from air-inflated recyclable phthalate-free PVC cushions which provide extra insulation and reduce condensation. The material covers 6710 m2.

> The venue is wrapped in a distinctive silver membrane with translucent shard shaped panels and its asymmetric shape gives the best sightlines for viewing Water Polo.

> The competition pool measures 37mx23mx2m deep.

> The warm up pool is 33mx21mx2m deep.

> The competition Pool holds 1,531,000 litres of water, the warm-up pool 1,247,000 litres, making a total of 2,778,000 litres.

> Provides step-free access without the need for lifts.

> Reduces water use by 40 per cent through low flow taps and showers and waterless urinals.

> There are 98 rooms in the venue comprising areas for spectators, athletes, officials, Games family media and operations.

> It is wholly accessible, with space for 43 wheelchairs via sloped approaches.

> Located close to Stratford Regional and Stratford International stations, the Water Polo Arena will be easily accessible by public transport.

> After the Games the riverside site to the north of the Aquatics Centre will be developed by the London Legacy Development Corporation.