Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. designs in exhibitions (2016)

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Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. designs in exhibitions

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1876, 10 May - 10 November
Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia. See: (1877). Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition [1876]: Connecticut’s representation at Philadelphia [Core section: pp 99-111; also see exhibits list: pp. 124-27; Exhibitors including Miller Bros. Cutlery Company]. 380 pp. Geo. D. Curtis: Hartford, CT. Courtesy University of Connecticut Libraries. Viewed 25 June 2016. [A00965-75]

(1876). List of awards made by the United States Centennial Commission to the American Exhibitors, International Exhibition, 1876, at Philadelphia. [Listed: Miller Brothers Cutlery Co. (p. 56). The actual award received is not indicated in this text.] 134 pp. S. T. Souder & Company: Philadelphia. Courtesy The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Viewed 16 June 2016. [A00841-42]

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