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"THE HANDEL COMPANY— Manufacturers of Decorative Lighting Fixtures, Table Lamps, and Accessories. This was established in the year of 1885; and incorporated in 1903. P. J. Handel as President and Treasurer is active in the general management of the business. They have obtained national reputation for the artistic and the high quality of their product. A number of patents are controlled which makes their business a very successful one. There is a force of 125 people skilled in the various branches and steadily engaged.

The plant has just completed a four-story addition with new offices and show-rooms which makes it more attractive than ever for visitors. An artistic salesroom is also maintained in New York at the Corner of West Broadway and Murray St., in charge of Mr. C. B. Konzelman. The travelling men of this company are: Joseph Roberge for the New England & Southern States. William F. Handel for the Central States. J. E. Austin for the Western States."

— In Meriden Illustrated, (c. 1911), p. 22. (See entry below.)

A. The Handel Company (1891-1936) design catalogues and historical information [1]

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Newspaper articles and adverts

(c. 1885-). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. (Viewed 16 October 2016.)


Historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft (compiled by). (1895). On "P. J. Handel", (p. 49, including portrait and illustration). In Art souvenir edition of the Meriden Daily Journal illustrating the city of Meriden, Connecticut in the year 1895. The Journal Publishing Company: Meriden, CT. (Viewed 17 November 2016. A00787-88.)

"The above, whose name and goods are well known to the trade throughout this country and the Canadas, has conducted his present business for the past ten years... While engaged in the works of the Meriden Flint Glass Company he developed a natural talent for decorating... Mr. Handel has recently openined elaborate New York salesrooms at 32 Park Place" (excerpt from source above).


Design catalogue

The Handel Company. (1900?). Suggestion for good lighting: Handel lamp and fixtures. 15 pp. (Viewed 24 June 2016. A00627; A00964; A00980; C00001-56.)


(1901). Insurance maps of Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut map, (pdf p. 28, Map 26, P. J. Handel Company on East Main Street near Parker Avenue). Sanborn-Perris Map & Publishing Co. 51 leaves. (Viewed 22 November 2016. AAA00504-05.)

Historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft & Curtis, George Munson. (1906). "The Handel Company" section including portrait and illustration of building, (pp. 79-82). In A century of Meriden: A historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut and the men who made it, from earliest settlement to close of its first century of incorporation, (Part III). (Viewed 19 November 2016. A00791-92.)


Historical information

(c. 1911). "The Handel Company" profile and illustration, (p. 22). In Meriden Illustrated. William S. Kline & Company: Kinderhook, NY. 30 pp. Viewed 12 June 2016. A00781.)


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(August 1911). Advertisement: Suggestions for good lighting. [With illustration.] ["We will gladly tell you the name of the Handel dealer in your town".] In Suburban life, v. 13, August 1911, p. 102. (Viewed 30 April 2017. A02327-28.)


(September 1911). Advertisement: "Lamps that beautify your home", The Handel Company. [With illustration: lamp style no. 5357.] In Suburban life, v. 13, September 1911, p. 169. (Viewed 30 April 2017. A02327; A02329.)


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(November 1911). Advertisement: Handel Lamps for Desk or Boudoir. [With illustrations.] In Suburban life, v. 13, November 1911, p. 293. (Viewed 30 April 2017. A02327; A02331.)


(December 1911). Advertisement: The ideal gift, Handel Lamps. [With illustration: lamp style no. 5339.] In Suburban life, v. 13, December 1911, p. 361. (Viewed 30 April 2017. A02327; A02332.)

Historical information

Hill, Everett G. (1918). William F. Handel biography, Handel Company manager, (p. 840). In A modern history of New Haven and eastern New Haven County, v. II. 907 pp. New York; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. (Viewed 20 November 2016. A00802-03.)


Design catalogue

The Handel Company. (1921). Handel lamps [trade catalogue]. 15 pp. Meriden, CT; Handel Company. (Accompanied by "Handel lamps: price list of lamps in booklet, January 1, 1921.") (Updated 15 April 2017. A00628.)


Secondary source

Pease, D. (16 October 1971). Handel made lamps of distinction. [Describes talk given by Ernest C. Lewis, former chief designer at Handel, at the Meriden Historical Society.] The Morning Record, p. 3. (Viewed 2 August 2017. AAA00615.)

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  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, Meriden newspapers on microfiche.

Secondary source

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Secondary source

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Secondary source

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Secondary source

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Secondary source

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Secondary source

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Secondary source

Tobin, Diane. (2012). On "Handel". In Appendix: Biographies section in The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass. Charleston, SC: The History Press. (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00696.)

[1] This dating "1891-1936" comes from Tobin, Diane. (2012). The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass. (See appendix: Meriden Glass Companies). Charleston, SC: The History Press. (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00696.)

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