Gregor Schneider: Publicity to die for

Vs. Night of the living dead. (Automated video)

Art Design Publicity at ADC | 1 October 2010
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For the editor, these scenes from Night of the living dead parallel
the international journalists in a frenzy trying to get access to—and into the studio of—Art Star Gregor Schneider...

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23 April 2008

Your attention, please:

(23 April 2008). German artist seeking volunteer willing to die in the name of art. (Dallas, TX, USA).

Megan Backhouse. (23 April 2008). Mixed Media. The Age (Australia), p.17. (Mention).

BBC. (23 April 2008). Artista alemão procura doente terminal para morrer em instalação. Globo (Brazil).

Roger Boyes. (23 April 2008). Dying to see Gregor Schneider’s latest work? Don’t worry—you could be in it. The Times (UK). (Entitled "Uproar over spectacle of death" in hard copy version.)

Perez Hilton. (23 April 2008). Dying as art?, entrepreneur of the new high-traffic Internet elite (Top 600 Alexa ranking).

"we think that Schneider’s death exhibit is just plain WRONG!!"
—Perez Hilton

Selections from 215 comments:

Rebecca says:

Dude this is BuLLCRAP! these people just want their names in the papers, and its pissing me off! LiKE WTF, your not an artist, you are not creating this DEATH, the person is already dying, maybe it could be considered GODS ART, hes the creater, the one who is chosing these people to die, and yet, you’d have to be really religious to believe that! DeaTh is not an art, its sad, and its just ridiculous that these stupid EFs think that its okay to do shit like this and CALL it art. Well i create ART every day in the effing toilet then! A BIG HUGE PILE OF SHIT! thats ART! I CREATED IT EVEN!!!! FUCKERS!

Separated at Brith says:

This dude looks like Spencer from the Hills. Just a tad bit more pasty.

DH says:

What the FUCK is with all these art students?!
They need to figure out what the definition of art is?! This is just ridiculous!!! In no way do I find this to be art! It’s just morbid!

cyn says:

you should not give this guy any play.
shame on u perez.

Andreas Rossmann. (23 April 2008). Auch Johannes Paul II. starb öffentlich. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany).

‘Die Empörung ist allgemein. Sowohl Kunsthistoriker als auch Theologen verurteilen die Aktion, mit deren Plan der Mönchengladbacher Künstler Gregor Schneider kürzlich an die Öffentlichkeit getreten ist (Kunst: Gregor Schneider spielt wieder den Tabubruch): „Ich möchte einen Menschen ausstellen, der eines natürlichen Todes stirbt, oder jemanden, der gerade gestorben ist“, hatte der Schöpfer des Hauses „u r“ im Gespräch mit „The Art Newspaper“ angekündigt: „Mein Ziel ist es, die Schönheit des Todes zu zeigen.“’

SV. (23 April 2008). Artista provoca polêmica ao querer "expor a morte em museu". Deutsche Welle (Portuguese) (Germany).

TT Spektra. (23 April 2008). Kritik mot tysk dödsinstallation. Norrköping Tidningar (Sweden).

(23 April 2008). Ferner Horizont. Rheinische Post (Germany). (Mention).

(23 April 2008). L’exposition de la mort. (France).

(23 April 2008). Un artist german scandalizează dorind să expună un muribund. Obiectiv (Romania).

24 April 2008

AFP. (24 April 2008). Art to die for. (South Africa).

Nanna Baldersheim. (24 April 2008). Søker døende til utstilling. Dagbladet (Norway).

Roger Boyes (The Times (UK)/Reuters). (24 April 2008). Artist Gregor Schneider wants volunteer to die as artwork. (Australia).

Roger Boyes (The Times). (24 April 2008). German artist’s deathly project raises howls of outrage. The Australian, p.8.

Sébastien Cools. (24 April 2008). Voulez-vous mourir pour mon art? 7sur7 (Belgium).

Barbara Miller. (24 April 2008). German’s "deathbed art" panned as tasteless. The World Today show (12.10PM), ABC local radio (Australia).

Richard Morrison. (24 April 2008). Dying art—Comment. The Times (UK).

“I can see that this raises many sensitive questions - especially in a country where the terminally ill were once murdered in cold blood. But I think the artist, Gregor Schneider, is trying to make a valid point. Would you rather spend your dying hours as the centre of attention in an art gallery where you are treated with reverence and dignity? Or would you rather be shut away, out of sight and out of mind, in an impersonal hospital ward, perhaps attended by a couple of relatives who can hardly wait for you to relieve them of their burden of care? I know which I’d choose.”

Aleksandra Rybińska & Piotr Jendroszczyk. (24 April 2008). Śmierć jako happening. Rzeczpospolita (Poland).

Danilo Taino. (24 April 2008). Scultore tedesco cerca un moribondo «La fine della vita è un’opera d’arte». Corriere Della Sera (Italy).

The Times. (24 April 2008). German artist looks for volunteer to die as work of art. FOXnews (USA).

Uta Baier. (24 April 2008). Morddrohungen inklusive. Welt Online (Germany).

‘"Zwangsbetreut, entmündigt, aus der Gesellschaft entfernt" solle er werden, schrieb ein Empörter. Für die schnelle, anonyme Beschimpfung eignen sich Internetforen und E-Mails hervorragend. Auch Morddrohungen bekommt der Künstler Gregor Schneider jetzt auf diesem Weg, weil bekannt wurde, dass er einen Sterbenden oder frisch gestorbenen Menschen ausstellen will. Andere sehen es praktisch und bieten ihm den neuen Freund der Ex als Opfer an.’

Magda Hartman. (24 April 2008). Czlowiek umrze w galerii. Bedzie to dzielo sztuki. Pardon (Poland).

Sander van Walsum. (24 April 2008). Kunstenaar wil stervend mens exposeren. Volkskrant (The Netherlands).

(24 April 2008). Artist wants person to die. The Sun (UK).

25 April 2008

Marcelo Crescenti. (25 April 2008). El arte de morir. BBC Mundo (Spanish).

Isabelle Dans. (25 April 2008). Il veut exposer -un mort- dans un musée. (France).

(25 April 2008). La agonía como una de las bellas artes. e-consulta (Mexico).

(25 April 2008). Преглед на германските седмичници. Deutsche Welle (Germany) (Bulgarian). (Mention).

(25 April 2008). Stervende gezocht voor expositie. De Pers (The Netherlands).

26 April 2008

Diego Guerrero. (26 April 2008). Responde artista Habacuc Guillermo Vargas, quien exhibió atado, sin agua ni alimento, a un perro. El Tiempo (Colombia). (Mention).

Gregor Schneider. (26 April 2008). There is nothing perverse about a dying person in an art gallery. The Guardian (UK).

Gregor Schneider: ’I did say those things, and I still mean them. Of course I expected reactions. But I didn’t expect that quite so many publications would quote me without putting the statements into context. Within a few days, thousands of articles appeared across the world relying only on these two soundbites. In a way, I am not surprised that they have triggered some absolutely horrific images in the heads of journalists and readers. And yet I am still astonished by the nature of the comments I received, and disturbed by their vulgarity and violence. I received threats in multiple languages, some of them absurd, some of them seriously threatening.’

’Someone emailed to suggest I should be "slaughtered" and given "the Jesus treatment". Someone else emailed: "Why don’t you kill your mother and show her to us while he’s [sic] dying?’

Joost van der Vaart. (26 April 2008). Duitse artiest wil stervenden exposeren. nrc handelsblad (The Netherlands).

Jennie Yabroff. (26 April 2008). Art aimed to shock. Newsweek (USA). (Mention).

(26 April 2008). Deadly Arts. ArtCulture (UK).

(26 April 2008). El artista alemán Gregor Schneider anda en busca de un enfermo desahuciado que esté dispuesto a morir como parte de una exposición artística. El mundo al Instante (Spanish).

27-30 April 2008

Nathan Bevan. (27 April 2008). It’s to die for. Wales on Sunday (UK).

(27 April 2008). Un artista busca un enfermo terminal para que sea una de sus obras. (Channel 5) (Spain).

(27 April 2008). Un moribundo no Museo. Galicia Hoxe (Spain) (Gacilian language).

(28 April 2008). Die Gesellschaft im Spiegel. domradio (Katholische Nachrichten) (Germany).

"Friedhelm Mennekes: Ich glaube, er ist einer der ernsthaftesten und wirklich beeindruckensten Künstler der Gegenwart in Deutschland."

May-December 2008

(01 May 2008). Gregor Schneider: death as a work of art. The Art Newspaper (UK).

“I am not trying to get the sort of publicity that detracts from the people involved and the subject of dying. I’ve been thinking about exhibiting a dying person since 1996. In Germany, the reality of dying in clinics, in intensive care units and operating theatres is horrible. That is what is shocking...”—Gregor Schneider

Nate Archer. (02 May 2008.) Gregor Schneider responds to dying human exhibit. designboom (Italy).

(05 May 2008.) 10 controversial art pieces. ArtCulture (UK). (Mention).

Алексей Кузнецов. (05 May 2008.) Истории Запада и Востока. Скандальный проект немецкого художника Грегора Шнайдера. (Russia).

Грегор Шнайдер: Этот проект не достоин такой шумихи в прессе. Я читаю заголовки газет и глазам своим поверить не могу: мое интервью «Art Newspaper» в изложении многих других изданий искажено до неузнаваемости. Одна немецкая газета пишет: «Художник хочет человеческой смерти». Другая: «Шнайдер хочет заставить людей умереть». Или еще один заголовок: «Смерть в музее» - звучит как «Убийство в музее». Читатель действительно может подумать, что убийство человека входит в мои планы.

(05 May 2008). Смерть как экспонат. Evropa Ekspress (Germany) (Russian).

Heinz-Norbert Jocks. (June 2008). Der Tod als Kunstwerk? K.West. (Kunst und Kultur in NRW (Germany).

Heinz-Norbert Jocks. (July-August 2008). Das Sterben als Kunstwerk? Kunstforum International (Germany).

Mohsen Zafargrayb. (08 August 2008). معرض-البعث ثانية-! debate section (Denmark) (Mention).

Clemens Bomsdorf. (02 September 2008). Death row inmate gives his body to art. Art Newspaper. (Mention).


Rachel Campbell-Johnston. (27 January 2009). Gregor Schneider, the inner space man. The Times. (Mention).

Andrew Johnson (15 March 2009). Till death do us sculpt. The Independent on Sunday (UK). (Mention).


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