Charles & Ray Eames at A+D Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles (2011-12)

Eames Designs: The Guest Host Relationship

A+D Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles
1 October 2011 - 16 January 2012

Press Release text by A+D Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles

A+D Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles is pleased to present Eames Designs: The Guest Host Relationship opening October 1 as part of the Getty initiative, Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945 – 1980.

For the first time, the words of Charles and Ray Eames will be the lens of an exhibit, enveloping the visitor in a 21st century typographic “surround”. Their philosophy of design and life will be explored through Eames’ quotes, shown graphically (as well as live on film), and complemented by the display of unexpected everyday objects, ranging from food to a keg of nails, to an inter-active digital experience. Their appreciation of humble objects is a special gift to the world— during their lifetimes and continuing today. Generations of designers and the public have been affected by their appreciation of the joys of daily life.

“The role of the designer,” said Charles Eames, “is that of a very good, thoughtful host, all of whose energy goes into trying to anticipate the needs of his guests.” This exhibition provides a glimpse into the Eames’ daily lives and work from this key perspective. In this sense, the “first voice” of Charles and Ray will be experienced by all visitors, who value their famous contributions in furniture, film, toys and exhibits.

Certain key films and lectures will be shown on screen, so that the real “voice” behind the words can be heard.

The gift to the viewer will be glimpses into the world of Charles and Ray Eames, both unexpected and unfamiliar. A surprising group of key vintage furniture pieces will demonstrate C&R’s contribution to the lives of one particular family, lasting through many decades. One of the reasons their work endures is that, for the Eameses, ideas like the Guest / Host relationship were Eames products as essential as their chairs.

The exhibition will begin outside the building for passers-by and for drivers. Visitors will leave the museum inspired to appreciate the world anew, and enrich their lives by honoring “the uncommon beauty of common things.”