Case studies

Here we feature external communications case studies for analysis that we’ve researched and organized, key reference articles for discussion that we’ve published, and special projects from our extensive online archive.

case study

Sleepwalker at Wellesley College media coverage (2014)

The result from one cultural event: 800 TV broadcasts, and 5000+ articles in 96+ countries. But how did this happen? Check out the detailed artdesigncafe case study listing out the 5000+ media/internet coverage outputs, a media coverage evaluation report, interviews of the Sleepwalker artist, Tony Matelli, and media relations consultant to the project, Nina Berger. Introducing the case study is an overview article, partnered with Sculpture magazine.
case study

Learning from Spencer Tunick + Greenpeace - 2007 (2013)

In 2007, Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace teamed up for a photography, performance and communications event on a Swiss glacier. The result? Numerous wire services around the globe picked up the story multiplying the media coverage. This overview article explores what can be learned from the project. A sample of 700+ media coverage outputs accompany the overview article.

artdesigncafe partners with European Capital of Culture exhibition project (2010-11)

artdesigncafe partnered with the artist Mischa Kuball on the occasion of his European Capital of Culture exhibition project (Ruhr region, 2010 event). The exhibition is called Mischa Kuball: NEW POTT 100 Lights/100 Faces and explored issues of immigration in Germany. The large-scale video installation is integrated into an art museum collection.

Thomas Girst interview: Communicating BMW Art Cars (2009)

Does this unique mix of art, design and publicity offer a blueprint? Read the interview of Thomas Girst, who has been in charge of all matters concerning BMW’s Art Car project: guiding the commissioning process, coordinating communications and marketing, and scheduling international exhibitions.

Pat Magnarella, Green Day manager (interview): Why not a rock ’n’ roll art world? (2009)

Pat Magnarella represents bands such as Green Day, the Goo-Goo Dolls, and Broadway Calls. Now he’s representing visual artists. How will this work on the business and communications fronts? Is this a game changer?

Mischa Kuball at détournement 2009, Venice: A collateral event exhibition of the 53rd Venice Biennial

A previous manifestation of artdesigncafe, RPProjects partnered with the artist Mischa Kuball on the occasion of his two large-scale site installations at the Caserma Cornoldi and Palazzo Albrizzi on the occasion of the 53rd Venice Biennial.

Christian Boros interview: I collect art that I don’t understand (2009)

Christian Boros is a self-made communications agency entrepreneur in Germany. He’s also an avid art collector. To what extent does his expertise in communications shape his interest in art?

Media relations, art and design magazine editorial, book authoring and copyright law in London (2009)

The London art scene is very much responsible for shaping the international art media landscape since the late 1990s. Three interviews offer an introduction: White Cube’s PR guru: Now it’s Honey Luard’s turn - 2002 (2009); Patricia Bickers, editor of Art Monthly: London, PR and journalism (2009); and Julian Stallabrass, author of High Art Lite: Permission to reproduce denied (2009). For an enlightening perspective about the ins and outs of design magazine publishing dynamics in London, see our interview of Marcus Field, design mag editor - 2000 (2009).

Damien Hirst’s £50 million diamond skull (2008-09)

Four articles published in Sculpture magazine and on artdesigncafe discuss the media coverage-generating diamond skull. Various angles explored include its embedded, two-tier media strategy; its phenomenal power activating an avalanche of international coverage and various multi-lingual wire services, and its reported sale and journalistic processing. See "Why I love Damien Hirst’s skull" (2008); Damien Hirst: Hype, buzz, glamour and art— Interview with Patricia Ellis (2008); and Rock star on tour: Damien Hirst’s diamond skull at the Rijksmuseum (2009).
case study

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability (2008)

This study examines the various, cumulative angles for communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR)/ sustainability in the media by three multi-national organizations over a 16-month period. CSR includes a range of initiatives, including art exhibitions, design initiatives, charity support, environmental initiatives, fundraising, mentoring, etc. by a wide range of organizations.

For more details, contact artdesigncafe.
case study

Product emotion approach adopted in high-profile arts discourse (2007)

The Venice Biennial is among the most high profile and prestigious art and design world exhibitions. In 2007, its director positioned a simple visual analysis and emotion-based approach to introduce an artist’s work in the main catalogue. This approach was recommended to visitors over others that were more studied and put forth in the New York Times and a leading American art magazine.

case study

Designer hotels, marketing and media/communications (1999)

Find out what three leading hotel owners/operators think: Doug Herrick, part-owner/operator of Seattle’s Ace Hotel; Peter Schweitzer, President of Design Hotels and Planet Hotels; and Jennifer Rubell, who operates two hotels in South Beach. She is also the niece of Ian Schrager’s former hotel and Studio 54 partner, the late Steve Rubell, who is credited with creating the concept known as the "boutique hotel".
case study

Philippe Starck’s Delano Hotel (1999)

This detailed, academic 124-page case study explores a core sample of media coverage on the landmark, design-led hotel, which was internationally influential as a strategy for well over a decade. Its journalistic consumption in the specialist design, travel, and business press is explored in great detail as well as the full range of contexts affecting the print media coverage.

RPProjects: Yoshiko Shimada at John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong on CNN Asia (1997)

A previous manifestation of artdesigncafe, RPProjects initiated an art exhibition with a partner artist and gallery to address a timely topic shortly after the Handover of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China. A media discussion about the exhibition occurred in the Asian media capital culminating in a feature on CNN Asia.