C. Rogers & Bros. (Meriden, CT) designs in collections and exhibitions (2017)

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C. Rogers & Bros. Meriden silver map Cephas Rogers portrait

C. Rogers & Bros. was established in 1866. The company became part of the International Silver Company in 1903, and all patterns and lines carrying the C. Rogers & Bros. trademarks were stopped.

This compilation focuses on designs by C. Rogers & Bros. and exhibitions including their work. For design catalogues and other historical information concerning C. Rogers & Bros., click the link above. For comparable material about other Meriden-related Rogers silver and cutlery companies, see the Rogers section (under "B. ISC, predecessors and divisions") on the Design Meriden overview page.

A. C. Rogers & Bros. designs in collections, etc.

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Four teaspoons

C. Rogers & Bros. (1866-1903). Four teaspoons. (Accession nos. 1998.957.1-2; 1998.957.4-5. Viewed 26 August 2017. G00040-42; G00054.)

  • Historic New England organization, Boston (1; 2; 3; 4).


Dinner fork, Ruby pattern

C. Rogers & Bros. (c. 1880). Dinner fork, Ruby pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 88.112.5. Viewed 5 March 2017. A01631.)

Knife and fork, Westminster pattern

C. Rogers & Bros. (patented 1883). Westminster pattern knife and fork. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1983.101.4-5. Viewed 1 March 2017. A01501-02.)

  • Photos - Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven (knife; fork).

Orange spoon

C. Rogers & Bros. (c. 1885). Orange spoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.66.3. Viewed 6 March 2017. A01653.)


Probably C. Rogers & Bros. (c. 1890). Teaspoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. 87.223.6. Viewed 5 March 2017. A01609.)

Commemorative spoon

C. Rogers & Bros. (1892). Commemorative spoon ("Old Jed Prouty" 1000th performance). Silver plate. (Accession no. 63.150.46. Viewed 8 April 2017. A02011.)

Butter knife, Westminster pattern

C. Rogers & Bros. (c. 1896). Butter knife, Westminster pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 88.112.1. Viewed 5 March 2017. A01630.)


Fork, Mayflower pattern

C. Rogers & Bros. (c. 1902). Fork, Mayflower pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.112.4. Viewed 6 March 2017. A01677.)

n. d.

Ten tablespoons

C. Rogers & Bros. (undated). Ten tablespoons. (Accession nos. 1993.662; 1993.662.1-9. Viewed 27 August 2017. G00060-69.)

Five knives and box

  • C. Rogers & Bros. (undated). Five knives and peach-colored box. (Accession nos. 1962.290.1-6. Viewed 1 March 2017. A01503; A01505-09.)
  • Photos - Bennington Museum, Vermont (1; 2; 3; 4; 5; box.)

B. C. Rogers & Bros. designs in exhibitions


10 May - 10 November 1876. Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia. See: List of awards made by the United States Centennial Commission to the American Exhibitors, International Exhibition, 1876, at Philadelphia. [Listed: C. Rogers & Co. (p. 31). The actual award received is not indicated in this text.] S. T. Souder & Company: Philadelphia. (Viewed 16 June 2016. A00841-42.)

Also see: (1877). Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition [1876]: Connecticut’s representation at Philadelphia. [Core section: pp 99-111; also see exhibits list: pp. 124-27; Exhibitors including C. Rogers & Bros.]. (Viewed 25 June 2016. A00965-75.)

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