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"The antecedents of the [American Silver Co.] were the Holmes and Tuttle Manufacturing Company, founded in 1851. They were taken over by the Bristol Brass and Clock Company in 1857, and operated as their silverware department until 1901. In that year, the spoon business was separated from the brass and clock business, and organized under the name of the American Silver [Co.]. They were bought by [the] International Silver Company [headquartered in Meriden] in 1935."

— Edward P. Hogan in The elegance of old silver plate and some personalities (1980). Schiffer Publishing Limited: Exton, PA, (p. 98). (Please note that the dating of the objects below regarding company names does not always correspond to Hogan’s dates mentioned above.)

A. American Silver Co. - Bristol Brass & Clock Co. (silverware department only) - Holmes and Tuttle Manufacturing Company - designs in collections (by year)

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after 1851 - salt spoon

Holmes & Tuttle. (after 1851). Salt spoon. Silver. (Accession no. X70.1019. Viewed 30 August 2017. G00085.)


c. 1885 - teaspoon

Bristol Brass & Clock Company (presumably silverware department). (c. 1885). Teaspoon. Silver plate. Accession no. 88.112.16. (Viewed 5 March 2017. A01637.)


c. 1890 - teaspoon, Gladstone pattern

Holmes & Tuttle Manufacturing Company. (c. 1890). Teaspoon, Gladstone pattern. Silver plate. Accession no. 1990.143.4. (Viewed 4 March 2017. A01575.)

19th c. - sugar bowl

American Silver Co. (19th century). Sugar bowl. Silver-plated metal. (Accession no. 1999.90.138a,b. Viewed 15 April 2017. AAA00591-A03.)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT.


c. 1900 - egg spoon

Holmes & Tuttle Manufacturing Company. (c. 1900). Egg spoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1990.141.26. Viewed 4 March 2017. A01576.)

1901 - souvenir spoon, U. S. Battleship Maine

Possibly American Silver Co. (1901). Souvenir spoon, U. S. Battleship Maine. Silver. (Accession no. 1971.1480. Viewed 25 August 2017. G00038.)

c. 1900 - dessert fork

Crown Silver Company (Division of American Silver Co). (c. 1900). Dessert fork. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.21.2. Viewed 4 March 2017. A01578.)

1901-35 - teaspoon

American Silver Co. (1901-35). Teaspoon. Silver. (Accession no. 1982.0106. Viewed 28 March 2017. A01835.)

c. 1906 - teaspoon, Moselle pattern

Samuel E. Large for American Silver Co. (patented 1906). Teaspoon, Moselle pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1991.94.1. Viewed 4 March 2017. A01579.)


1918 - two-handled cup

American Silver Co. (1918). Two-handled cup. Sterling silver. (Accession no. 1980.73.1. Viewed 15 April 2017. AAA00591-A02.)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.

c. 1919 - fork, Warwick pattern

American Silver Co. (patented 1919). Fork, Warwick pattern. Silver plate. (Viewed 4 March 2017. A01580.)


c. 1920 - citrus spoon, Bradford pattern

Holmes & Tuttle Manufacturing Company. (c. 1920). Citrus spoon, Bradford pattern. (Accession no. 1996.35.2. Viewed 4 March 2017. A01577.)

n. d.

n. d. - citrus spoon, Bradford pattern

American Silver Company. (undated). Spoon. (Accession no. 1991.9.51. Viewed 6 April 2017. A01909.)

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