Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Tariq Alvi interview: Aesthetic obsessions (2001)

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R.J. Preece - 01 Jul 01

Tariq Alvi interview: Aesthetic obsessions (2001) Tariq Alvi Born in Britain of Pakistani descent and based in London and the Netherlands, Tariq Alvi reinterprets media material such as magazines, newspapers and advertisements, creating beautifully aesthetic forms bridging concept-based and...

Jacqueline Pennell: Mirror, mirror (2001)

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R.J. Preece - 02 Apr 01

Jacqueline Pennell: Mirror, mirror (2001) Jacqueline Pennell: Mirror, mirror Walking into the driveway of Danielle Arnaud’s London art gallery-salon, I thought someone had broken her front window, until the gallerist pointed out the artwork to me. Pane (1999), a curving, double-sided mirror...

Susan Morris interview (1998)

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R.J. Preece - 01 Jul 98

Susan Morris interview (1998) Susan Morris interview Whether in the supermarket or on the subway, the surveillance camera (closed circuit television— CCTV) has become a fact of life in many urban centers. On the one hand, some people say that this provides further evidence of the erosion of...