Sudjana Kerton

Sudjana Kerton at the Mexican Embassy, Jakarta (2000)

artdesigncafé - art
Astri Wright - 08 Jun 00

Sudjana Kerton at the Mexican Embassy, Jakarta (2000) Residents and visitors to Jakarta can now see an exhibition of the late Sudjana Kerton’s art which is quite different from earlier exhibits in Jakarta. Exhibited through the end of this week at the Mexican Embassy residence is a selection...

Semsar Siahaan: Hero into exile (2000)

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Astri Wright - 02 Apr 00

...Sudjana Kerton, Hendra Gunawan, are some of the better-known examples. Their art fared variously, but none of them ceased to paint Indonesia. As for future art work, Semsar Siahaan has some impassioned ideas. One is for a painting and installation exhibition which would feature the New Order...

Indonesian artists reflect on past horrors (2000)

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Astri Wright - 16 Jan 00

...Sudjana Kerton’s mature work, throughout 27 years in the USA, even as he continuously probed new media and stylistic approaches, for the most part persisted in depicting Indonesian themes and subjects. Hendra Gunawan, while in prison and after his release, continued to paint historical...

Indonesia: Why the art market needs art history (1997)

Creative Business & Entrepreneurship
Astri Wright - 15 Nov 97

...Sudjana Kerton of Bandung. This essay will consider the sociology of crime, the state of the art world in Indonesia, and the profitability of stealing art. Who commits crime? In general, in any society, both historically and today, crimes committed by members of the elite “succeed” more often...

Djoko Pekik: A painter of expressive empathy (1989)

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Astri Wright - 27 Feb 89

...Sudjana Kerton, who with humor and caricature depicts everyday scenes of street singers, becak drivers and farmers— without romanticizing them and without becoming too sweetly narrative, as the late Rustamadji tended to. Of the younger generation, only one or two painters have marked themselves...

Sudjana Kerton fills canvases with scenes of daily life (1989)

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Astri Wright - 20 Jan 89

Sudjana Kerton fills canvases with scenes of daily life (1989) It is now 48 years since Sudjana Kerton set himself up in Bandung as a self-taught portrait painter, and 44 years since he joined the Indonesian struggle for independence from the Dutch. In these days before photography was...