Peter Downsbrough

Peter Downsbrough interview: Power alignments (2013)

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R.J. Preece - 20 Dec 13

Peter Downsbrough interview: Power alignments (2013) Peter Downsbrough interview: Power alignments Born in New Jersey in 1940 and based in Brussels since 1989, Peter Downsbrough has pursued a multifaceted practice featuring books (more than 75 since 1968), films, maquettes, photographs, sound...

CCNOA, Brussels (2003)

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R.J. Preece - 01 Sep 03

...Peter Downsbrough exhibited a maquette illustrating his sculptural object installation for the Ghent site, which also, in the CCNOA exhibition context, became part of a site-specific interior installation. Why the new plus-architecture remit? According to Petra Bungert, “We began this program...

Wanna 2Step ? CCNOA + RPP (2002)

artdesigncafé - art
ADC staff - 20 Apr 02

...Peter Downsbrough (USA/BE); Johannes Fox (DL); Marco Fusinato (AUS); Robert Glaubit (USA); Marcia Hafif (USA); Lisa Holden (UK/NL); Steve Kaspar (LUX); Susan Morris (UK); Chris Newman (USA); John Nixon (AUS); Annick Nolle (DL/BE), Susan Norrie (AUS); Kelly Parr (USA); Christian Paulsen (DL);...

CCNOA + RPProjects, 2step, Brussels (2002)

ADC staff - 20 Apr 02

...Peter Downsbrough, Margarete Dreher, Johannes Fox, Marco Fusinato, Robert Glaubit, Marcia Hafif, Lisa Holden, Steve Kaspar, Gerold Miller, Susan Morris, Chris Newman, John Nixon, Annick Nölle + Neven, Susan Norrie, Kelly Parr, Christian Paulsen, Jacqueline Pennell, Beverly Piersol, Mark Pimlott,...