Keith Piper

Eddie Berg interview: FACT, Liverpool (2004)

Creative Business & Entrepreneurship
R.J. Preece - 02 Apr 04

Eddie Berg interview: FACT, Liverpool (2004) An interview with the new technologies art entrepreneur in Liverpool. Any history of the mutating developments in ’90s new media art must include Eddie Berg. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Berg began as an enthusiast and “made something out of...

Club mix at The Drum, Birmingham, UK (1999)

artdesigncafé - design
R.J. Preece - 01 Nov 99

...Keith Piper, RGB, DJ Swami, and Hallucinator. While music played, four large-scale projections displayed flashing, digitally created imagery around the club crowd, often permitting viewers a fleeting glance or short-term flash. Within this multitude of ever-changing images, digital artists RGB...

Keith Piper at IKON Gallery, Birmingham (1998)

artdesigncafé - art
R.J. Preece - 01 Oct 98

Keith Piper at IKON Gallery, Birmingham (1998) Keith Piper at Ikon Gallery With Relocating the remains, British artist Keith Piper presented a technically superb retrospective/re-presentation of his work that addressed "historical legacies, modern stereotypes, and new technologies—on a...