Barbour Hobson Co.

Barbour Silver Company design catalogues and historical information

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ADC staff - 23 Dec 16

...Barbour Hobson Co., and Barbour Bros. Co... Barbour made sterling hollowware and fine quality silverplated hollowware, specializing in heavily chased and engraved pieces plated on a nickel silver base. From 1921 to 1931, the company also made an extensive line of ’Dutch’ silver, plated on copper....

Design Meriden at artdesigncafé

artdesigncafé - design
ADC staff - 13 Mar 16

Design Meriden at artdesigncafé Do you know how the artworks and designs shown above relate to the historical Meriden area? If not, click the photos and be directed to sources where you can learn more. Join us in the design discovery So far, over 12,000 sources...