Most Art Sucks: 20th century art history recap (2010) (Automated music)

No, we didn’t nick parts of the classic book Most art sucks, renegade-pioneer Mat Gleason gave us permission...

La la song by Marilyn Manson (from the movie Party Monster).

most art sucks


frank gehry artist

I’m going to whip you.

wassily kandinsky artist

salvador dali artist

I’m going to eat you...

marc chagall artist

jeff koons artist

pablo picasso artist

henri matisse artist

helen frankenthaler artist
robert motherwell artist
david hockney artist

georgia o'keeffe artist

keith haring artist

joan miro artist

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Most art sucks...

"we don’t f*ck around here."—Mat Gleason.

“Excerpted” from Most Art Sucks: Five years of Coagula (1998), published by Smart Art Press, and the Coagula website.